KING EAGLE INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. is founded in 1980. It is located in 7A, No. 123, Sec. 3, Hoping E. Rd., Da-an District, Taipei City 10675, Taiwan (r.o.c.). Besides the headquarter, KING EAGLE also has a training and spare parts providing center to support necessary training and parts. Recognizing the importance of continuous education, KING EAGLE also teams up with National Pingtung University of Science and Technology to promote food machine technology.

Because all the members are specialized in food knowledge and held experience in managing food factory when the company was founded, KING EAGLE started with food machine equipment and service business. With over 30 years of endeavors, KING EAGLE has established irreplaceable reputation in food industry.

Besides food machine OEM-Auto. Encrusting & Forming Machine and Semi-Auto. Shu-Mai & Dim Sum Robot, KING EAGLE is also the agent of many famous food machine and equipment manufacturers. With the availability of supply of all kinds of food machine, King Eagle is able to provide customized solution and turnkey project

Followings are the main product line:

A. Bakery Machine and Equipments
  1. All kinds of spiral mixer
  2. Dough Refiner
  3. Water Doser
  4. Planetary Mixer with Options
  5. Modular Deck Oven
  6. Rack Oven
  7. Prover and Retarder Prover
  8. Cookie and Confectionary Depositor
  9. Biscuit Pastry and soft biscuit production line
  10. Danish pastry, croissant, and pie production line
  11. Frozen Dough production line, including bread, pizza, pie, and pastry cookie

B. Prepared Food Processing Machine

  1. Semi-Auto Dim-Sum and Sao Mai Robot
  2. Full Auto Shao Mai Making Machine
  3. Full Auto Dumpling, Fry Dumpling, Fry Dumpling Ravioli, Double Sheet Ravioli, Curry Puff, Wanton making machine.
  4. Steamed bun production line
  5. Italian Pasta production line

C. Surimi and Meat Processing Machine for fish ball, stuffed meat ball, fish cake, tempura, and fish dumpling

D. Nuts processing, Roast peanuts, Sesame, Almond, Haskin Precleaning, Peanut powder, Sesame powder, and nut snake

E. All kinds of pancake production line, including Tortilla, Green Onion Pie, Roti Brata, Naan, Corn Tortilla, Spring Roll, Crepes, and Cannelloni

F. Professional encrusting machine and related product development: King Eagle has been sold more than 2000 encrusting machines. Our encrusting machine is the one made with stainless steel. It satisfies the food grade standard. It is also capable of making Chinese-steamed bum, moon cake, pineapple cake, Mochi, sesame ball, filling meat ball, filling fish ball, crystal dumpling, and etc. With optional accessories such as double/particle filling, press plate, and tube rounder. The products you can make are beyond your imagination.

King Eagle also provides secondhand machine service