• The prover is a kind of chamber that can setup the desired temperature and humidity to help yeast convert sugar to carbon dioxide and alcohol (fermentation). The optimal temperature and humidity for fermentation process is about 38 degree Celsius and 78% humidity, depends on the products you want to make.

    As for the retarder prover, it is an advanced prover that has two distinctive features that prover usually doesn’t have. One is that it can set the temperature to low so that fermentation process can’t be started. The other one is that it can delay the timing for fermentation process. Because of this, the main advantage of retarder prover is the time saving and labor cost saving in the long run.

    With more than 30 years of experience and continuous endeavors of research, King Eagle has created the most outstanding Prover/Retarder prover.


    • Separated temperature and humidity control
    • Water moisturized system without dripping inside the chamber
    • Advanced circulation system to minimize the deviation of temperature and humidity inside the chamber


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Model Function


Temperature range 10 - 50゚C.  humidity control


With temperature 50゚C. Max. humidity up to 95%


Temperature range 10 - 50゚C. Max. humidity up to 95%


Temperature range -18 - 50゚C. Max. humidity up to 95%

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