• This Semi-Auto Shu Mai and Dim Sum Robot is capable of making the food that is same tasty as handmade. Additionally, this machine is able to make various foods such as Shu-Mai, Wan-Ton, Bean Skin Shu-Mai, Nori-Skin Shu-Mai, Crisp Shu-Mai, and different shape of dumpling. Also this machine is easy to operate, doesn’t damage the filling, and is capable of whole grain/shrimp filling.


    • Speed adjustable
    • Easy to operate:
    • It doesn’t damage the filling and whole grain/shrimp can be filled
    • Depends on the accessories chosen, this machine can produce the product with different shape and weight


    • Model: KE-SSM6
    • Dimension: 652×885×1456mm
    • Capacity: 800~1,500pcs/hr
    • Power: 1/2 HP,220V,Single Phase


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