• The moulders are machines used to mould and extend the dough pieces. By integrating with other equipment, it is possible to make an automatic bread production line. Because bakeries rely on providing the consistent high quality products in order to attract customers, it is also important to have good bread moulders to help guarantee the quality of bread produced. Our multipurpose bread moulder serves this purpose well. With an exclusive design, this multipurpose bread moulder is suitable for processing the dough weight range from 50 g to 1200 g and producing tin-bread, toast, Baguette, rolled bread, and loaves


    • Easy to operate and occupies less space
    • Suitable for a wild range of dough weight; it can be from 50 g to 1200 g
    • Can produce up to 46 cm long loaves for 1 row. It can also produce two rows of 23 cm long loaves
    • It is made by stainless steel and is equipped with safety device


    • Model NO:M-MBT
    • Power:1 HP
    • Dimension (WxDxH):76 x128x132cm
    • Weight:265 kg


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