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Deck Oven


The deck ovens are usually designed to have many baking chambers so that large volumes of products can be baked at one time.  However, not everyone has the same capacity requirement.  Wouldn’t that be good if the capacity of the oven is expandable?  Luckily, our modular deck oven is designed for different capacity requirement.  Because our deck oven is modularized design, you can have one, two, or three layers of deck depends on the capacity.  Also for each layer of deck, the crown height can be either 180 mm or 220 mm depends on your products.  Depends on your needs, additional prover under the deck is also available   


Another advantage of our modular deck oven is that you can control the top and bottom temperature separately.  Traditionally, because of the way of heating, the temperature inside the oven is not even.  Usually the deviation of temperature inside the oven is huge.  But it is not a problem to our oven because we can control the top and bottom temperature separately.  Besides top and bottom, our deck oven has rapid ceramic heat element on the front zone to ensure the best baking result 




·         Expandable and flexible:  Can add more layers of deck to increase the capacity.  Depends on the product height, you can choose crown height either 180 mm or 220 mm

·         Easy to operate:  When the door is opened, it slides up into the oven chamber. 

·         Reliable and rapid ceramic heating element at the front

·         Separate top and bottom temperature control



·         Modular Deck Oven 1

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  Deck Oven

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