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Automatic Spiral Mixer


We offer a wide variety of automatic spiral mixers depends on your needs.  Our mixing bowl’s thickened flat ring is supported by thrust roller.  Because of this design, it makes the whole mixing bowl more stable during the operation.  The central breaker bar and spiral arm are made of SUS 431.  In terms of the design of dough bar, it adopts blade type rather than cylinder type so that it can produce the maximum torque, combined with mixing hook



Depends on the purpose, King Eagle offers two types of spiral mixers:


1.      General spiral mixer:  It is suitable for normal bread, yam paste, glue pudding, or product with soft dough

2.      Re-enforced spiral mixer:  It is suitable for the product with hard dough such as high gluten bread, steamed stuffed bun, steamed bun, or dumpling skin.  It needs thickened mixing hook and augmented horsepower  


Depends on convenience of usage, King Eagle offers three types of spiral mixers:



1.      Spiral mixer with fixed bowl:  For automatic spiral mixer with fixed bowl, the dough capacity ranges from 25 kg to 160 kg. 

2.      Spiral mixer with removable bowl:  As for automatic spiral mixer with removable bowl, the dough capacity ranges from 130 kg to 400 kg. 

3.      Spiral mixer with lifter:  We also provide automatic spiral mixer with lifter for larger dough capacity requirement (130 kg to 300 kg)



·         Automatic Spiral Mixer



·         Re-enforced spiral arm

·         Thickened flat ring supported by thrust roller, making the whole mixing bowl more stable during the operation

·         Central breaker bar, spiral arm, and safety grid made by sus304

·         Precise dough bar

Model (Automatic Spiral Mixer with Fixed Bowl):



Dough Capacity


Net Weight



160 kg

9.5 kw

580 kg

136 x 93 x 132


130 kg

6.3 kw

390 kg

120 x 85 x 125


80 kg

4.6 kw

350 kg

114 x 72 x 153


60 kg

2.6 kw

280 kg

104 x 69 x 132


25 kg

1.5 kw

230 kg

98 x 48 x 122



·         Automatic Spiral Mixer

Part No.
  Automatic Spiral Mixer

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