Bakery Machinery
Chinese Frozen Food Processing Machinery
Instore Food Processing Machinery
Turn Key Project
Inventory display machine
Parts sales

Chinese Frozen Food Processing Machinery
Semi-Auto Shoa Mai and Dim sum Robot

Steaming Box

Spring Roll Skin Production Machine

Happy HANDYMAN H-500

H-type Auto. Encrusting & Forming Machine H-600

Ice cream mochi H-500

Semi-Auto. Dumpling Forming Machine

Sesame ball process

New Hot Frying Dumpling

Japanese Fry Dumpling

Round Top Man-Tou & Mixing Nut with Barbary Wolfberry Fruit Health Bun

Meat Filling Bun & Sweet Filling Bun Processing & Decoration

Non-Sticky or Particle Type Filling Bun Process

Pork (Beef) Filling TEPAN Bun

Rice Ball Processing

Panning unit (can connect with encrusting machine or other machine)

Auto Encrusting Machine with partical device

KAMABOKO & TEMPURA process by wire cutter

Dumpling King Mod HVD500

Surimi(fish paste)

Flour dough process

Hopia & Pineapple cake

India Food

Russia Food

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